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Our Courier Service is fast and efficient, from package receival to delivery.
Our Freight Forwarding Service offers a solution for both large and small shipments.
NO Credit Card? no worries, use ours. Purchase whatever you need online using our credit card.

Who We Are ?

ITZ Shipd 24/7 was founded with the need to offer transparency and 1st class customer service at a cost effective price. Our team decided to take up the mantle of filling that gap. We provide exceptional shipping and courier services at your convenience.
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Why not us? We have over 20 years shipping experience with freight forwarding, couriered goods, customs brokerage, local and international logistics via the different modes of transportation. Your one stop location for everything shipping.

Commercial Imports, Non-commercial Imports, Personal Imports

Courier Services, Commercial exports, Returning residents, Special Economic Zone Imports, Temporary Imports, Re-exportation, Motor vehicle Clearances, Commercial Equipment Clearances

Shipment consolidation, D & E Container consolidation, Barrels, Storage of items, Inventory packing and housing

Unbeatable Shipping and Delivery Services

One of the most reliable and recommended courier services in the industry; a reflection of our dedication to client's satisfaction.
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Sea, land and air we get it here! .
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NO Credit Card? no worries, use ours. Purchase whatever you need online using our credit card and your unique customer ID# and U.S. shipping address. We will receive you package overseas, ship it to you, do all Customs process, and deliver to you.
Courier Service
Our courier service is fast & efficient from package receival to delivery. Our experienced team will ensure that your package is expedited upon processing for final delivery to you. As a professional management service, we handle all the customs processes from A-Z.
Sea Freight
Our Freight Forwarding Service offers an economical solution for both large and small shipments. Benefit from our efficient multi-mode service with your shipment arriving at the destination intact. Our services alleviate time-intensive handovers and deliver your cargo in a timely manner..
Package Delivery
Your shipment delivered to you on time, everytime. No matter the size of distance, we safely and securely deliver your shipment to you. An extension of our exclusive customer services. Sit back & relax, we'll take from here.
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